100 Years Brings GM to Reveal the Corvette Centennial

Corvette Centennial Design ConceptWell folks, it just so happens that the mysterious Corvette look-a-like vehicle that has been seen around the set of the Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, has recently been revealed! It is the Corvette Centennial Design Concept, specifically built to commemorate General Motor’s 100-years of successful vehicle manufacturing.

From the looks of the vehicle, it encompasses various strengths of past Corvette designs. It portrays a Camaro-like look to the front grille and large rear fenders with a quad-tip exhaust. What are your thoughts on this concept vehicle? Maybe too futuristic?

Supposedly this vehicle is to debut at Los Angeles’ November Auto Show. In addition, rumors have circulated that this concept car might be a prelude as for what’s to come in 2011, possibly the newest Corvette C7. But, there has been no confirmation on that as of yet.

Let us know your thoughts. We will keep you posted when further updates of this new Corvette Centennial arrive.

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4 Responses to 100 Years Brings GM to Reveal the Corvette Centennial

  1. Stephanie Robles says:

    Can these corvettes be rented?

  2. Ryan Esler says:

    Unfortunately, no Stephanie they can not. These are concept vehicles only. If you’re looking to Rent a Corvette, we suggest contacting Hertz to discuss availability.

  3. Najeeb Hoxter says:

    The future is now, so bring on the concept corvette. If they want to draw in the next geration of corvette owners then do it. I love the way it looks, hopefully it’s as practicle in performance and price.

  4. Lt. John Morris Billington III says:

    I owned three corvettes. Now I fell in love with the car at (64) as a child. Now as state police officer GM Exc. are stupid. First the corvette is the only true America car we have. Not everybody can afford $50.00 plus for a car. Now the (movie trans.) show sideswipe but not the attention the camereo received. Built the new stingray, which no car Man. can built, a car design by the gods, outstanding. Now built a four door vette and a very cheap vette so the average guy can buy. Stop competing with the European, for a Porsche etc.. will never be a vette. When people can buy cheap vettes that will give GM the money to make the new stingray. I recently bought a new 2010 Dodge Challenger, because the chevy dealer was greedy and would not come down one dollar for $35.568.00 car, which I bought all my car from the same dealer. Now I very happy with my challenger and saved $6.000.00 and camereo owners wish they had my car which I design with the stripes, wings, etcc. Advice, built several vettes- Stingray- four door- very cheap vettes that can be upgraded when the buyer has the money. Built sideswipe and watch the vette take over the car world. Ex US Marine Pilot and State Police and proud owner of a “79″ vette. God Bless America and the hell with European cars that cost a too much. We built the best planes-tanks-ships- weapons and why not cars. JMB III

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