Finally Approved, Sirius XM Radio Begins

Sirius XMAs you may have recently read, the FCC has approved the merger between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.  The merger approval was the longest in the history of the US – even longer than than the merger between Exxon and Mobil.

This is a very positive step forward for both companies and there are a number of benefits to Corvette owners and future customers. 

Here are the key aspects to the merger:

  • Both companies have committed to protecting existing hardware well into the future. So, current GM/XM customers can continue to receive XM content on the radio in their Corvette.
  • The combined company has committed not to raise the retail price for its basic service packages and all the new packages described below for a period of 3 years. Notwithstanding this commitment, the company may pass through cost increases associated with the payment of new digital rights management fees after the first anniversary of the merger.
  • The combined company has committed to offer “Best of Both” programming in the near future. For XM customers, this means they will continue to receive their existing XM service and will be able to receive select Sirius programming as well.
  • Also in the near future, XM listeners will have the option of choosing programming packages such as “Mostly Music”, “News, Sports and Talk”, and “Discounted Family Friendly” bundles.
  • Finally, “A La Carte” programming options will be made available once new receivers can be developed. These channel options require new receivers that have not been developed yet.  For Chevy, this means it will take some time before the receivers can be developed and then installed into new models.  They are also investigating the possibility of developing service parts kits that will allow existing GM/XM customers to get access to “a la carte” packages. More information will be made available once we have a definitive plan established. 

This really is a great move for XM subscribers.  Being a listener of both XM and Sirius, I have been looking forward to this approval for over a year now and am extremely excited about the possibilities it gives us at Chevy.

As more details on the merger come out, you can find them here at

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