New GTR Package

GTR PackageInterested in spiffing up your C5 Corvette? Well, it doesn’t take much if you have the monetary means to do so and you know where to go.

Numerous companies pride themselves in their ability to transform an ordinary road vehicle into a hot-looking, fast-moving high performance machine. One company in particular, Specter Werkes/Sports, just recently announced their newest GTR package that fits all models of the C5 Corvette. "The GTR is the Corvette for enthusiasts who want an exclusive, distinctive automobile," said Nowicki, founder of Specker Werkes. "It's an uncompromising combination of great looks and racetrack-capable performance."

Here are a few of the exclusive features equipped within the GTR package: power dome hood, stone chip protection, front-end alignment for superior steering, 18” front & 19” rear tires, Stoptech brakes, carbon fiber wide body kit, stainless steel Corsa exhaust system…

And the list goes on. To find out more, make sure you check out the GTR features page linked below.

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