When Celebrating Goes Wrong

Imagine being awakened at night by a loud firework explosion on your property. Now, picture the amount of anger when you discover the firecracker has exploded WITHIN your vehicle.  Not just any vehicle, but your 1989 Chevrolet Corvette, the vehicle you have been restoring now for 18 years!

This happened just recently to car lover Richard Szatkowski of Bensenville, Illinois. He came to find his baby burned to the ground by illegal fireworks from nearby the neighborhood. The only components that were worthwhile saving were the engine and suspension; everything else gone!

“The interior’s completely destroyed,” Szatkowski said. “(The car’s) garbage, and it’ll go to a junkyard.” How traumatizing for Mr. Szatkowski after 18 years of complete restoration, customization, and dollars spent to enhance his prize vehicle. He quotes, “What if this (the fireworks) hit somebody’s home? Somebody could lose their life. People don’t understand what they’re doing. They think they’re just having fun. I’m hoping by seeing this and reading this story, they will think twice about using things like fireworks.”

Now that the July 4th festivities have ended, let’s all think twice next year about the potentially fatal consequences these fireworks can have on our fellow neighbors. “My heart will probably never recover,” he said, "but getting a new Corvette would help me."

Watch the TV report about the destroyed Corvette after the jump.

[ Daily Herald ]

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