Dave Ressler’s Newest Addition

Dave ResslerIf you’re a devout fan of Barrett-Jackson, then you ought to be familiar with a Mr. Dave Ressler.

Even if you didn’t watch this year’s televised annual classic car auction held in Scottsdale, Arizonia, you still may recognize the name, which is often associated with his popular purchase: a MILLION dollar 2009 ZR1 Corvette!

Dave Ressler, a Chevrolet dealer and Corvette enthusiast, continues to purchase new and auctioned off Corvettes to add to his growing collection. The Ressler family collection contains now up to 25 Corvettes of all varieties. Just recently, another was added to the count…

When the ZR1 entered center stage at the auction, the audience rose to gawk at this fine-looking vehicle. Jay Leno was present to announce all the car’s special features: a supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine, 620 horsepower, durable yet weight resistant carbon fiber hood and rooftop, and the exact same brakes as the Enzo Ferrari. This ZR1 Corvette is truly a collector’s item, as it is the only one painted a LeMans blue with a VIN number of #0001. All proceeds raised by this vehicle were given to benefit the United Way charitable fund. When the bidding began, Dave Ressler stood with all intentions of not going home without it. As the bidding climaxed out at $900,000, Ressler raised his own bid to $1,000,000 to secure his purchase. Quite an asset to add to the family collection!!

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