August 2008 Corvette Sales Figures

As we are all finding out fast, the economy seems to be revealing new unexplained problems to us on a more regular basis now. Part of the problem lies within the automotive industry, and the inability to sell cars to customers who can’t even afford fuel expenses.

When looking at the monthly delivery statistics on Corvettes this month, it’s not difficult to find that sales dropped EACH month from the previous year in 2007. The only month that acted as a savior to Corvette was August 2008 with a 47% increase from the previous year. This was the month that Chevrolet introduced the 0% financing and Employee Discount Program to all customers. There were a couple months where sales dropped 20-30% from the previous year.

With conditions worsening, GM is looking for anything to pick their Corvette sales out of the slumps. That is why the company has decided to extend the Employee Discount Program through this month!

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