GM is Bullish on Corvettes

Corvette vehicle-line executive, Tom Wallace, says, "We’re still working on future Corvettes, but the scope of change is not yet decided. There are changes, some neat stuff, coming for 2010 that I can’t talk about yet."  When pushed for details on Corvette in light of new MPG mandates from the Federal government, Wallace replied that these concerns haven’t "inhibited Corvettes. No one is saying we’re not doing Corvettes. We’re still bullish on Corvettes."

In the same interview with AutoWeek magazine, Tom also indicated that plans are NOT tied down for the next C7.  In fact, it is not even known when the C7 will appear, a great disappointment to those eagerly awaiting its reveal!  Thanks to an article from our partner in Corvette promotion, Keith Cornett at, we were alerted to these ground-breaking insights on the next-generation Corvette.

So, hang on tight, while GM determines how to survive further into its second century.  Corvette is perceived to be an important part of GM.  Let us hope they continue to impress us!

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  1. Danny says:

    It has been stated at auto auctions that the C2′s are the most popular years for Corvette. I emailed GM, and got a phone call back about reproducing that era. All they said is that they were interested.

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