Cost-Cuts Consume Corvette

With the current state of the economic crisis, government, companies, and even consumers nationwide are simply having to cut their spending in order to stay afloat. This threat is very real and does not exclude anyone from being affected by it.

Due to the crisis, General Motors has decided to hold off the production of Corvettes at the Bowling Green assembly plant during the week of October 6th. With the high prices of gasoline and numerous vehicles that remain stagnant on dealership lots, GM has also decided to lessen the production of Corvettes produced after the plant resumes to work the following week. Instead of producing 18.5 Corvettes every hour, the plant will slow down to 15 Corvettes every hour. Not only will work stop for a week and less vehicles will be produced, but also GM plans to layoff up to 75 workers from the Bowling Green facility.

Much of these plans came up very recently in order to cut back costs during such a trying time. The gloom of the economy is affecting everyone in some way. Like most of us, General Motors is just reacting to the crisis, planning ahead in order to stay afloat.

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