A Vette Powered by Voltage?

Electric CorvetteA local Minnesota resident and Corvette owner, Michael Shoop, has recently converted his 1987 ‘Vette into an all-electric powered machine. The transformation of the vehicle began when he realized the benefits of purchasing a hybrid vehicle, but also the expensive costs that ensued. After researching and finding the ideal eco-friendly Prius to be a bit too pricy, Shoop began allocating his funding to a new project: the Volt Vette.

“I wanted a simple solution for driving around town and doing it in style,” claims Shoop.

With the generous help from the Minnesota Electric Auto Association, Shoop has successfully converted his V8 gas-guzzling sports ride into an all-electric, environmentally friendly joy ride. As of now, the vehicle tops out at 40 mph, and has been able to go 20 miles just on pure electric charge. Still, adjustments are in the process.

The overall project has only cost Shoop an average of $25,000. Now, just think, that price also negates any extra payments made at the gas pump. “You wouldn’t believe the smile on my face when I drive past the gas station,” he says. If you ask me… that’s a damn good deal for any eco-friendly Chevrolet Corvette!

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