Taxi-ing the Continents

Ever heard of the Gumball 3000? If not, it is an eight-day rally of 120 super hot cars driving over 3,000 miles across two continents. This year the slogan reads “East Meets West”. The cars will first assemble together in San Francisco, driving down the western coastline, ending up in the deserts of Las Vegas. From there, the cars and drivers will be flown to Pyongyang, China, endure miles of driving through Shanghai, and end up at this year’s home of the Olympics, Beijing.

Often times, the drivers paint eye-catching graphics on the exterior of their vehicles to make them stand out amongst the other hot rods. One of this year’s participants could really fool most people. It’s a Corvette Z06 painted to look like a taxi car. The vehicle even holds the TAXI sign on the roof to be extra deceiving. Wouldn’t that be great – if you need to get somewhere fast, order the Z06 cab!

The Gumball 3000 is an exclusive group of expensive vehicles. Getting involved with the rally also costs a very pretty penny. For a one fee deal, the trip can cost as much as $100,000. I guess if you have the beautiful vehicle and the time available to take off work, why not join??

“Gumball is about challenging tradition and taking a non conventional approach to exploring and developing cultural and creative boundaries.” - Maximillion Cooper, Founder & CEO, Gumball 3000 Group

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