OnStar Prevents Car Theft… Just not on a Corvette

OnStarEver been in the helpless situation where your car was stolen, leaving you without your vehicle and any trace of finding who had unrightfully stolen it?  If you haven't consider yourself lucky, as yours truly has gone through the experience.

Or maybe you’ve seen the television show “Cops” where the episodes are infamous for criminals who hot-wire stolen vehicles and take them on a joy ride across the state, leaving numerous police vehicles in hot pursuit!

Well, in order to help prevent such criminal car theft activity, OnStar has recently introduced their latest Stolen Vehicle Slowdown system. This system is a communication tool used exclusively between the vehicle’s owner, the police, and the OnStar system. If a vehicle is stolen, the individual who owns the vehicle is to notify the police, who are then to alert OnStar. Using satellite technology, the system affects the vehicle’s power train and will actually decelerate the engine entirely until the stolen vehicle comes to a standstill. Brakes, turn signals, and steering will still allow the person in the driver seat to avoid any dangerous road or traffic situations.

Of course there are those who have no interest in the feature and think that "big brother" may go too far with this feature, but we couldn't feel more differently.  This option cannot only lower your insurance premiums but also help secure your investment. 

The option for Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is for some reason not available on the 2009 Corvette, we hope and anticipate that GM will follow suit in rolling it out to the remainder of their OnStar equipped vehicles come next year.  We'd love to hear the rational behind leaving the Vette out of the roll out this year.

Does all of this sound too good to be true?

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