Almost Ready to Roar

Corvette Racing has a new addition to the team, a successor of the GT1, the powerful GT2 Corvette C6.R. It took only a year after the GT1 was constructed that plans were in the making to include a GT3 version of the vehicle. Now we have ourselves the GT2, which fits right in between the two latter models.

Next year proves to be the changeover period from the GT1 class to the new GT2. Now with the engineering complete, the vehicle is currently in the process of being assembled. With minor changes including a smaller rear wing and steel brakes, the team is thoroughly excited to see just how she purrs on the tracks. The team plans to have the GT2 revealed in her inaugural run on the mid-Ohio tracks at the Acura Sports Car Challenge in early August 2009.

Program manager, Doug Fehan, reassures audiences,

“Don’t look for us to dominate right out of the shoot – it’s not going not to happen… We know the challenges that lie ahead for a front-engine car and we are prepared to meet them. Let’s not forget too that we spent the first two years struggling with (the GT1) car. It took us awhile to us up to speed and we expect that same kind of learning curve. We are prepared for it.”

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