Always a Concept?

As many of you already know, the Corvette Centennial Designed Concept car has been specifically built in the celebration of GM’s 100th year birthday. When the mystery vehicle was first seen near the staging area of the movie, Transformers, many car critics and viewers had no idea about the vehicle. It turned out to be a secret gone completely bad. The big unveiling hasn’t even occurred yet, and everyone already knows about the “secret” Corvette Centennial.

Now that we are able to recognize the vehicle and the reason for its development, Leftlane News recently held an interview with General Motors Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz. The interview brought up questions regarding the Centennial…

Leftlane News: “Is there any significance to the Chevrolet Corvette Centennial
concept, aside from the role in Transformers 2?”

Bob Lutz: “No, I would say that is in the realm of ‘pure concept’. At this point,
there’s zero intention to produce.”

I wonder if the Centennial was always built to be just a concept. But for now, I guess, we will just have to be willing to relate the Centennial to GM’s 100-year celebration. The vehicle also reportedly will be appearing in a November auto show hosted in Los Angeles.

[ Leftlane News ]

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