Contrary Convenience?

CARTES & IDentification hosted their 23rd exhibition in Paris, which ran November 4th to November 6th. CARTES & IDentification is dedicated to securing consumers’ identity through the use of countless new innovative ways to pay on credit. Many companies, including automotive manufacturers, are able to gain critical insight into how to best serve their market simply by attending this event.

The purpose of such exhibition allows for potentially innovative ideas to turn into an existing reality. At the show this past week, BMW research groups and NXP Semiconductors teamed up to unveil a concept vehicle that uses a brand new key fob remote. This key remote can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle, pop the rear trunk, set off a panic alarm, and can EVEN be swiped as a personal credit card!!

With such device, no matter where you travel, whether to the grocery store or to work every morning, you will always have your credit card on you because that baby will also be crucial to starting your very own vehicle! Now, you may run into trouble when you come to a tollbooth and have to turn off your vehicle in order to swipe your payment. This remote is still in concept mode, however BMW has been seriously considering adding this function into their new line of vehicles.

What do you think? A brand new car remote/credit card concept… Good idea? Bad idea?  Should Corvette adopt this technology?

[ Engadget ]

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