Drag Racing: Nissan GT-R vs. The Corvette LS3 Rental?

Garage 419The Garage 419 team consists of a group of individuals, all of whom enjoy a good thrill drag race every so often. Who doesn’t?? The entertainment was booked when members decided to race a Nissan GT-R against any other vehicle. Bets were made even more interesting when the GT-R’s competition could only cost a maximum of $500.

Well it served Farah, Nissan guru, right when he figured out who his competition would be. Competitor and coworker Sanchez showed up with a LS3 Corvette, which he managed to rent from the Hertz Fun Collection. The vehicle only cost him $200 per day to rent. Not only was this just a Corvette, but it was also tricked up with a bargain $300 nitrous system!

WATCH OUT! Which of these vehicles will hit the finish line first… the Nissan GT-R or the LS3 Corvette with nitrous?! Check out the video, and find out for yourself after the jump.

[ Garage419 ]



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