Grand Ol’ Opportunity

Grand Sport CorvetteOwning any body-style Corvette is quite a thrill and privilege for many. However, there’s simply nothing better than owning a Corvette that you know was only manufactured 5 TIMES!

Back in 1963, Zora Arkus-Duntov, who was also known as the “father of Corvette”, conceptually built only 5 Grand Sport Corvettes. They were manufactured in an attempt to steal the competition from the Shelby Cobra. Plans fell through when General Motors decided to do away with motorsport production a year later.

Now with only 5 total Grand Sports built, it’s certainly difficult to find, let alone imagine the cost, associated with one of these precious vehicles. Well, it just so happens that the Grand Sport chassis #002 will be auctioned off!! It comes totally unrestored on the same exact body it was built on back in 1963. Previous owners include Roger Penske, Owner of the Penske Corporation, and George Wintersteen, President of Wintersteen Racing, Inc.

Can you imagine the cost of this baby? We would love to hear from you. Would this be a vehicle that you’d be willing to pay an arm and a leg for? Give us your thoughts.

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