ZR1′s Performance Tested

2009 Corvette ZR1If you’re one of the lucky individuals who put an early order in for a new Corvette ZR1, you should be pleasantly surprised with one rather soon, if not already. The vehicles have run through a successful production, and are now in the midst of being delivered to their proud owners.

With that being said, the vehicle is also being put to the test… on the DYNO! ‘Dyno’ is short for dynamometer, which is a device that measures the vehicle’s mechanical force and how it balances throughout the body. With two separate Corvette ZR1s put up on the testing block, the vehicles averaged an output of 535 horsepower. With the 15% drive train loss configured into this amount because of the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive, this horsepower number actually correlates to 638!

The ZR1’s largest competitor, at this time, claims to be the Nissan GT-R. However, the GT-R only averaged at about 420 horsepower on the dyno. Dare to say a competitor? Do you feel as if the ZR1 and GT-R are relatively close in performance or not even close?

[ Dragtimes.com ]

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2 Responses to ZR1′s Performance Tested

  1. mike says:

    Actually the major competitor of ZR1 is Ferrari 599

  2. alex says:

    people need to give credit to gm’s supercar at a bargin don’t hate cause the ricer’s can’t keep up i would love to see zr1′s old and new in fast&furious movies them ricer’s will get burnt

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