Anteros Steals Corvette Body Platform

AnterosAt November’s Los Angeles Auto Show, n2a Motors Inc. unveiled their latest model, the Anteros. The body style of this vehicle is rather unique, and takes on characteristics of multiple foreign produced vehicles. What makes this vehicle rather stunning is to know that it’s built directly off of a 2009 Corvette platform!

This month marked the initial beginning of Anteros deliveries to be shipped to their eager awaiting owners. The vehicle takes up to 12 weeks to build, and comes straight from a Corvette body. In fact, the first step requires the body panels of the Corvette to be removed before installing the Anteros’ special carbon-composite body! Installing this carbon-composite framework is a process indeed, taking up to 800 hours to complete!

Feel free to access the Anteros website by clicking here. Would you buy a $154,000 Anteros when you can purchase a 2009 Corvette?

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