Corvette Sister to Say Adios

Sports car enthusiasts who love General Motors products are losing their non-Corvette optional choice after the current model year is over.  As announced yesterday in Autoweek, the Cadillac XLR will be no more after this year’s run.

Likely one of many moves to reduce overhead during GM‘s revitalization, the XLR was sometimes preferred by those who loved Corvette performance, but wanted more evidence of luxury in their car, or who desired  the angular styling of Corvette‘s sibling.  I recall one XLR owner coming many miles to my dealership to consider a trade for a Corvette, though, because he now knew his car wasn’t just a Corvette with a different body.  In his thinking, it was just a Cadillac.  I am sure he wasn’t alone.

By the way, you do know that the letters of the name of this Cadillac are a pun, don’t you?  If you have never said it aloud before, combine the name with the engine’s cylinder count, and say XLR8!

[ Autoweek ]

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