Le Mans Corvette Racing… Back On

Le Mans RacingThe 2009 Le Mans Racing consists of twenty-four hours of racing within the city of Le Mans, France. This year marks the 77th annual Grand Prix of Endurance Racing for this event, set to begin on June 13, 2009.

News originally aired back in the beginning of December, mentioning that the Corvette Racing Team would not be in attendance at the Le Mans races due to the reduction of budgeting expenses. Instead, the team was told to focus mainly on the production of the GT2 Corvette.

However, Program Manager Doug Fehan still wants to end racing the GT1 Corvette in high standards and stats before the introduction of the ultimate Corvette GT2. Therefore, plans have dramatically flipped, and now the Corvette GT1 has been committed to Le Mans June racing.  Despite the recent turn of events, conception plans for the GT2 have not been altered or put on hold. The vehicle’s production is still full throttle ahead. “Engineering and fabrication continues to focus on the GT2 program,” says Fehan. “We expect the first actual car to be completed in early February, and we will be testing that car in the spring.”

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