Captain America Resurfaces

Captain America Vette (Courtesy of Musing is now the proud owner of a 1971 Corvette, nick-named “Captain America”.

Before Musing, the car’s previous owner, Red Johnson, had installed a LS7 454 engine into the ‘Vette. Now if you didn’t know, there were only 20 LS7 engines ever produced, and they were never intended to be put into vehicles, but instead, boats. This LS7 engine allowed the vehicle to produce 460 horsepower. However, Johnson never saw his machine roar because he simply never drove it. He would leave it within the confinements of his garage and rev it up every so often just to hear her purr.

When Musing purchased the 1971 Corvette from Johnson, he paid a grand whopping total of $6,000!! The special installed LS7 engine was only accepting of octane-106 gas, which forced Musing to travel to the only one distant service station to fill up the tank.

Now after 25 years of driving the beast, Musing has decided to take her to the next level, changing her look and making her a more reliable, fuel-efficient drive. Coating the Corvette in a new color of red brought her back to life. And having installed beneath her hood a 502-inch GMPP crate motor, allows her now to reach 500 horsepower!

Quite an upgrade, we’d say.

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6 Responses to Captain America Resurfaces

  1. DICK PROSSER says:

    Anyone know how to contact Ron Musing?

  2. Dave says:

    What a great car, not my favourite year, but none the less, a great job on the restoration work.

    David C. Atkin

  3. Ron Musing says:

    To Dick Prosser: About a year and a half later, just now saw your message. I can be contacted at

  4. C3 lover says:

    The Captan America C3 Corvette: great over all. Bravo Ron Musing, Bravo.

  5. Ruby Begonia says:

    Just saw this and the car is great. Let me hear from you as to how you are doing

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