Leno’s New Baby… the ZR1

Jay LenoLate-night comedian and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno recently purchased his newest automobile baby… the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1! Leno claims to be a huge fan of all Corvette models. In fact, he has a portion of his garage solely dedicated to the Corvette! It is no surprise that he is proud to now own the most powerful vehicle manufactured by General Motors.

His new hot looking ride is coated in the new gray color coat protected over with a clear coat. The clear coating helps protect the paint from bleaching or cracking of the carbon fibers from the sun’s rays. This clear coat is estimated to cost nearly $60,000 per gallon! Wow!

Within the video link below, Leno gives a quick walk-around of the vehicle for all to view. It’s quite impressive to hear him explicitly point out every square inch of the vehicle, both outside and inside. Imagine the knowledge he carries with him over all his automobile babies! He then takes viewers for a short joy ride within the new ZR1.

[ Jay Leno's Garage ]

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  1. Peter C. Miller says:

    I just ordered my 9th Corvette- 2010 Grand Sport conv’t and I can’t wait to see it. I’d be honored to see Jay’s corvette collection

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