Nürburgring 101

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1Within Nürburg, Germany lies an infamous racetrack originally built in the 1920s called the Nürburgring. The track is considered the most dangerous racecourse because of all its blind corners and uneven asphalt surfaces. The entirety of the Nürburgring consists of four separate tracks: Gesamtstrecke, Südschleife, Nordschleife, and Zielschleife. These courses all vary in length, some only 4 miles long while others span to over 15 miles in length.

Numerous areas on the track itself are deemed too dangerous for just the average driver. With prior experience behind the wheel and pure precision, it is imperative for racers to map out the Nürburgring’s default areas in order to avoid deadly accidents.

To give you a little background insight of the track, I’m going to explain three areas, which are most dangerous to even the experienced seasoned race car driver.

  • Quite a large jump lies at the road spot, Quiddelbacher-Hohe to Aremberg. For instance, a Corvette ZR1 entering this jump can be at prior speeds of up to 145mph. So in order to land correctly, braking precision before the big leap is imperative.
  • Another spot, Metzgesfeld to Wehseifen, consists of a set of multiple complicated turns. Some drivers demand speeds of less than 50mph in order to take these turns properly, not ending up off the beaten path.
  • And close to the public road lies Brunnchen to Eiskerve, a popular spot for spectators and video newscasters to view the race. This area, however, consists of quite a tight turn and can be very dangerous, especially with bystanders standing just feet away from these racing machines.

Now in order to get the full effect of the track for yourself, jump into the passenger seat of a Corvette ZR1 as it takes on the Nürburgring track at a record-setting 7:26.4!  Watch the video after the jump.

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2 Responses to Nürburgring 101

  1. Nice ride – to bad the Viper is faster :)

    Chec it out: http://www.tencylinders.com/?p=331

  2. Bill C. says:

    We’d still rather do it in a ZR1. The Viper is rough and untamed. Besides, only the tall can drive them.

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