ZR1: Clarkson’s Car of the Year

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson, an English journalist and broadcaster, is not afraid to speak his mind, which is often the public’s opinion too. With his specialty on motor vehicles, he is famous for his entertaining television show, Top Gear, as well as his witty weekly columns within the Sunday Times and The Sun.

This motor critic usually despises anything American made. However, he just recently broadcasted, “out of nowhere, my car of the year” is the Corvette ZR1! Though Clarkson thinks “it’s not built very well” and costs too much, he finds the vehicle “both docile and extraordinarily savage” as well as a great deal performance-wise.

He compares the generations of Corvettes in previous years to McDonald’s Big Mac. It’s “cheap, plastic and at the right time, and in the right place, sort of just what you want.” General Motors has indeed come quite a way with their development of the ZR1 beast. Though Clarkson sees the vehicle as an epic car, the current state of the automotive industry will likely affect Corvette’s production. Clarkson states, “I’m only sad that unless the health care and pensions company that makes it [Corvette ZR1] can be turned around, it will be the last of the breed.”

[ Times Online ]

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  1. Steve says:

    Is this the same Jeremy Clarkson that belittled the C6 Z06? He supposedly had a list of 25 or so things he hated about the car! So simply more horsepower, a brake and suspension mod is all that is needed to make him forget all the crappy things he said about the Z06 and propell the Corvette to the Car of the Year?
    I think this speaks volumes of how shallow he is and give us a clue as to how much his opinions should be considered! It would also be great if he would look at the 3LZ all-leather interior before bad-mouthing the interior of Corvettes. Of course that will never happen!

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