2010 Corvette Predictions

The question is being asked more and more: What exactly do we know about the 2010 Corvette?

If you visit the factory website, the link to upcoming vehicles focuses on the new Equinox, the Orlando, the Volt, the Camaro, and the Cruze, but not the Corvette.

Well, we know that the original predictions of a mid-engined C7 Corvette coming in 2010 were a pipe dream.  Do you remember reading AutoSpies back in August 2007, with that prediction?  Even before the financial challenges to GM became so obvious, production of a new C7 Corvette, whether mid-engined or not, had been postponed at least a couple of years.

Some websites in the fall predicted that there would likely be no changes to speak of at all.  ConsumerGuideAuto fell into that category.

DigitalCorvettes played with the dreamer’s list of possible and potential changes for 2010, back in October.  Forum posters listed all of these changes as on their wishlist:

Wide body option

Better seats

Hidden headlight option

Hardtop convertible

Direct injection

Cylinder deactivation

Weight reduction through more extensive use of aluminum

Better radio

Fixed roof notch-back coupe (like 1999 Z06)

Whether these posters would pony up the cash to purchase new Corvettes with these features was not prominent in the forum.

Very soon, we’ll look at what is more probable, and when we will know for sure just exactly what’s up.

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