2010 Corvette Facts

So, what do we really know about the 2010 Corvette?

The 2010 Corvette will be another C6, with likely the same four models to be offered: Coupe, Convertible, Z06, and ZR1.  Also keep in mind, though, that Vette, "America’s Favorite Corvette Magazine," stated in a blog back on January 21, that "industry sources" were indicating that Chevrolet would announce a 2010 Grand Sport at the new model preview in April!  That would make five exciting models!

We are still hoping to see the C7 no later than the 2012 Model Year, but that is less sure now than before.


It is expected that the powertrains will not change for 2010, and that there will be no new technologies being inaugurated on the 2010.  A Grand Sport might change all that.

In regard to color, we know that Victory Red Metallic is gone, but since Red has a long and fabled history with Corvette, there will have to be a new Red for the year.

Dealers discover their allocations on May 20, will be allowed to order on May 21, and hope to have complete ordering information soon.  The first day of production is scheduled to be June 22.

We will report additional information as it becomes available, perhaps after that April preview.


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  1. Bill C. says:

    I have heard since I wrote this that 2010 models will be revealed at the National Corvette Museum on April 24 & 25.

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