Corvette Diecast Collection For Sale

How many diecast Corvette collectibles do you own?  Diecast collectibles appeal to those with large collections of the real things in their garage, but they also appeal to those who perhaps will never own a real full size Corvette. Diecasts allow us to put something in our hands that is just like what we have in the garage, or they can allow us to dream of what we cannot put in our garage at the present moment.

So, do I have a split-window ’63?  Of course, but it’s just not as big as I wish it were.  It can fit in my hand.

A Canadian collector by the name of Lee says she has an opportunity for those looking to add to their diecast collection.  All of her models are in pristine condition, and most have the original packaging.  She has Museum Christmas ornaments, key-chains,screwdrivers, posters, trading cards, and so much more.  If you would like more information, drop Lee a line at

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6 Responses to Corvette Diecast Collection For Sale

  1. morris tomasetto says:

    What scale do you have? I’m looking for 1/23 &1/43. If u have a list & price, I would be interested. Thank u. Waiting to here from u.

  2. Daniel Kremin says:

    I have a corvette model collection for sale. I have approximately 2000 models, including diecast, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Duntov, Greenbriar, etc.,

  3. Paul says:

    Do you still have some of your collection Daniel?

  4. BERT GILL says:

    I have 19 Franklin Mint Diecast models, 1 Danbury Mint and 1 Creative Master Corvette Diecast models for sale. All excellent with original box and all paperwork. Would like to sell as a collection.
    Also have 1/18 scale Ertl corvette diecast models still in unopened boxes.

  5. Daniel Kremin says:

    i still have many models left in my collection for sale. These include Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Duntov, Greenbriar, etc., etc.. I have a large collection of promotional models and and models of all sizes, colors and shapes. Will consider selling entire collection or individual pieces. Please contact me by email at

  6. dana hukee says:

    Nice Corvettes. I like them in Red.

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