Bad Boy Vettes C7.R Stingray

Bad Boy Vettes C7.RSpeculations have amassed that the Stingray, which was just recently revealed at the Chicago Auto Show, may lead to the creation of the C7 Corvette. is a Corvette enthusiast company that solely concentrates on the tweaking of Corvettes for racing, whether it’s on a track or hitting the streets. These Bad Boys have been known for their ‘Vette schemes, as they were the ones responsible for creating the C6.R. Together again, they have come up with the racing edition to the ‘Vette Stingray, which they have deemed to call the Corvette C7.R.

What are your feelings about the looks of this mascot skull-headed Stingray dubbed C7.R? We want to hear from you!

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5 Responses to Bad Boy Vettes C7.R Stingray

  1. David says:

    Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it!

  2. Gary M Belcher says:

    I From what I see, they look awsome! I sure like the looks of the yellow one shown in Motor Trend also. I haven’t bought one for a few years (just kinda hung on to my last one) but a new rendition like this would probably be enough to push me over the edge and rush right down to Chevy.
    PS: I’m currently on my 5th vette. I kinda like ‘em !

    Gary Belcher
    Corvette Museum Member

  3. Glenn says:

    “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

    Let me inside one these baby!!

    Proud owner of a 2009 C6 Black Beauty.
    I see a Z06 in my future.


  4. Victor Hernandez says:

    Awsome. I Love It.. Just also add some incredible Electronic Features

  5. Clarence Curtis says:

    I am patiently waiting to see if Chevy goes ahead on the build of the C7. It is a great looking car, I curreently drive a 09 C6, love it.

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