National Corvette Museum Gets an Addition

As we promised from an earlier blog, we have updated news regarding the National Corvette Museum’s expansion inside Bowling Green, Kentucky. When we last wrote, plans for the construction of the 70+ acres outside the current museum had just been approved and funding for the large project was in its early stages. That was then.

Now, the museum has plans to add on an additional 47,000 square feet to the building’s existing floor plans. The massive expansion and enhancement to the current facilities hopes to lure in more tourists and Corvette enthusiasts. The expansion will occur within the following sections: the Library and Archives, Corvette Store, Delivery Prep offices, Admissions, Hall of Fame, Conference Center and Café, and extra amenities that will accommodate public needs, such as bathrooms and storage lockers.

Labor Day weekend is the temporary date of completion for this project, which also just so happens to be the Museum’s 15th Anniversary! What a way to celebrate!  You can also watch a video of the expansion after the jump.

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