Pontiac is Dead — Is Corvette Next?

AOL is speculating today that GM, as in Government Motors, may kill off the Corvette!

CorvetteBlog would see that as a serious concern for Corvette enthusiasts the world over.  However, at this point, there is nothing official from Chevrolet that Corvette will have to go.

With its excellent gas mileage numbers, the Corvette's fuel economy may actually be what saves it.

What do you think?

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7 Responses to Pontiac is Dead — Is Corvette Next?

  1. dreameagle says:

    C’mon, is this really such a stunning, shocking surprise?

    Corvette is a specialty vehicle with a niche market far too small and removed from the mainstream to remain credible, let alone relevant.

    This is not the first time rumours floated of the marque’s demise, either — remember the oil embargo of the 1970s?

    The smartest thing GM could do is take Corvette off the raw, but increasingly more irrelevant horsepower path, and put it back on the cutting edge, where it used to be.

    Ready for an alternate fuel/power source Corvette?

    Tesla have already built one.

  2. Bill:

    This article is crap. A headline designed to get people talking. No facts, just supposition and innuendo.

    Your are correct about the gas mileage. Ability to make a profit as well as heritage will ultimately save the Corvette from Washington dunderheads.

    The last car made by GM will be a Corvette.

    Keith, from CorvetteBlogger.com

  3. bob says:

    The handwriting is on the wall, and you may as well read what it says: “Corvette is Dead”. The semi-socialist people in the government that will soon be the 80% owners of GM would only be too happy to kill a vehicle that they view as too fast, too powerful, and so expensive as only to be owned by the privileged few. After all, in their view, there is no reason for anyone to be driving anything other than a hybrid vehicle that is limited to 55mph. Anything else is excess, waste, and should be mandated out of existence. Get ready for your government built, government mandated econo-box that reports back to big brother anytime you exceed 55mph.

  4. Tim Coltrain says:

    I have loved the Corvette since the beginning of time. I now own one of these beauties. I feel like I’m part of American History. The honor to be an owner of a 2006 Lemans Blue 6 speed is awesome. You don’t have to be an owner to love the Corvette. GM, keep up the good work! Corvette should be the last car built in the World. Thanks, Tim

  5. Ken Vasil says:

    The Corvette could be a brand that could last by itself. Without GM, the cost might double, due to the fact that they would make fewer. Great Auto for the buck!

  6. Robert says:

    “Made in America”
    That said means a lot but even more!
    World Class Quality, performance and engineering make the Corvette a symbol of what this country can do right. World class products made in America may be our last hope in remaining a real player on the world stage. GM has made many mistates over the years but the Corvette is the one product that remains strong for its engineering quest to be the best.

  7. Al says:

    Let’s face it: the management of GM and Chrysler really screwed up. They were much too conservative with design and innovation, and let the Asians rip them apart. The same thing happened to the US bicycle industry. They were too set in their ways to change when market forces demanded change.

    If Obama hadn’t stepped in, GM might have had to shut down. No banks were willing to lend them the money they needed it to survive this recession.

    Management has to make some very painful choices. Let’s hope the Corvette survives.

    BTW, all western democracies are a mix of capitalism and socialism. They are called “mixed economies.” As long as there’s a balance between Free Market Capitalism and Socialism, our economy works. Free market is the engine; socialism is the brakes. “We the people” are in the driver’s seat.

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