LS9 Motor’s Cost: An Arm and Leg

LS9 Crate EngineAnd so it was announced…The infamous LS9 engine now comes as a crate motor!

This revelation was announced at the 2008 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, better known as SEMA. Every year the Las Vegas SEMA Show is infamous for showcasing high numbers of quality automotive specialty products, both new and improved.

This LS9 engine announcement is so new that it is not even recognized as an available purchase on the GM Performance Parts website yet. But, I do wonder how many individuals would be willing to make such a purchase… A $21,000 purchase! Such a sticker price comes with the notion that this supercharged engine can potentially produce 630 horsepower! You can never have enough horsepower, but do you think the price for it in LS9 form is much too costly?

What do you think? We want to hear from you!  Also, you can click here for a detailed gallery of the engine and its components, a lot of fun to look through.

[ Vette Magazine ]

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