Ugur Sahin’s Z03

Ugur Sahin's Z03Their mission is to provide their clients with the best [automotive] design solutions possible created within the clients’ set borders, sprung from their creativity and translated into visual emotion. Ugur Sahin Design belongs to this mission, as they were founded in 2007 within the Dutch Chambers of Commerce.

They have indeed proved this mission when they unveiled the absolutely stunning modern version Ferrari Dino. Just last year, they went to work on the C6 Corvette. During the process, Ugur Sahin Design partnered with Mallett Cars to aid with the final touches for the all new striking Corvette Z03!

The transformations they have made will increase engine cooling while improving the vehicle’s downforce capabilities. Z03 engine options include:

Base Engine
Supercharge LS7-like V8 Engine
700 Horsepower!
Cost: $32,700

Upgrade Engine
Supercharge Engine with Twin Turbos
999 Horsepower!
Cost: $35,795

With this type of transformation, why not add the extra few thousands to cover the upgraded engine’s cost? I certainly would… that is if I had the monetary means to do so!

[ Ugur Sahin Design ]

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