eBay Sells Bruised ZR1

Corvette ZR1 on eBayPurchasing and owning a Corvette ZR1 gives you the automatic privilege of taking your gorgeous ride out for high-speed cruises often so all can view you in your prize vehicle.

One Texan man did just that, though the cruise did not end in his favor. Instead, the accident resorted him to auctioning off his precious ZR1 on eBay. Apparently the accident caused havoc to the driver’s rear side and rear bumper. The rest of the damages seem rather minimal. The structural damage and suspension repairs can easily be fixed and replaced, with proper funding of course.

Bid now for this bruised (though fixable) Cyber Gray ZR1 on eBay. With only a bare 1,200 miles clocked, she can be yours for only $97,500! Any takers?

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