ZR1 Chosen for Debut in Project M

Stile Bertone ZR-1Jason Castriota, a New York-born Italian automobile designer, has begun filming a mini-documentary (Project M) centered around what it entails to build a vehicle from start to finish. Kinetic Fin is producing the film “Mantide” which aims to compliment and address the stunning work and new era of Stile Bertone, an automotive styling studio located in Caprie, Italy.

Their vehicle of choice to build… Corvette ZR1!

Be sure to check out the link below to gain access inside Project M to capitalize on Castriota’s newest venture. The film is said to have debuted April 23 in Italy.

[ InsideProjectM.com ]

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2 Responses to ZR1 Chosen for Debut in Project M

  1. Corvette says:

    is this the one that we see in Transformers 2

  2. tyler says:

    this looks awsome!!

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