Tweet with OnStar… Coming Soon!

OnStar & Twitter... Quite a CombinationTwitter. This new age social networking technology scares many, and seems to be what all of the news networks and even Oprah are trying to embrace and utilize.

HOWEVER, for those of you Corvette owners who have adopted the idea, I have wonderful news! Now instead of discreetly trying to Tweet from your Blackberry or iPhone on the drive home or while stuck in traffic, you can simply do so with OnStar!

Vehicles with OnStar already equipped will soon be able to send and receive hands-free Tweets through the voice-activating system.

We all can thank Andru Edwards, President of, for coming up with this revolutionary new streamline feature. It works by converting your voice messages into texts which can then be sent directly to your Twitter fan club.

Now, grab your keys and get to Tweetin’!  As a side note, CorvetteBlog will be launching a twitter stream very soon.  Stay tuned for more details!  Hell, we might even twitter from our Corvettes…

[ GearLive ]

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