Chevy Memorial Day Sale Announced

Chevy's Memorial Day SaleWell, wouldn’t you know that GM has announced their annual "Memorial Day Sale" just 2 days before the actual Memorial Day weekend begins.  The sale this year really doesn’t seem to have the ‘bang for the buck’ as sales in years past.  Perhaps that’s because GM is offering 0% financing on many models right now, or perhaps that’s because they know a bankrupcy is on the horizon and this is a last ditched effort for quick sales before they announce it.  Either way, the sale this year only improves the deals on 3 models:  the Cobalt, the Impala and the Silverado.  Corvette is left out in the dark.

So let’s not waste time talking about the other models when we really only care about Corvettes here on CorvetteBlog.  We thought we take a quick minute to again summarize the current offers that are available:

On 2009 Corvettes:

  • Some of you may be eligible for $500 off with the GM Spring Car Care discount.  There was a mailer that you may have gotten that had the discount as part of it.  If you don’t know if you qualify or not, your local dealer can look up your name and address and see if you qualify for the $500 off.  Expires 6/30/09.
  • Some dealers may be using Corvette Bonus Certificates.  This is a program that gives dealers the ability to stack up to 6 $500 certificates on a Corvette sale.  The number of certificates a dealer has is based on a number of factors including current inventory and total Corvette availability.  Expires on 6/1/09.

On remaining 2008 Corvettes:

  • $2000 Bonus Cash is available if you don’t take any incentivized financing options.  Expires on 6/1/09.
  • 0% Financing is available with approved credit for up to 60 months, or 2.9% Financing is available for up to 72 months.  Expires on 6/1/09.
  • Again, if you qualified for the Spring Car Care discount (mentioned above), you can stack that with a 2008 Corvette purchase.  Expires 6/30/09.

We have a nice selection of 2009 Corvettes still available for purchase, all priced at below MSRP and GM Supplier Discounts!  For more details on our inventory, you can click the link at the top of CorvetteBlog, or call us direct at (888) 875-0728.  We ship nationally and will pass on all of the savings from Detroit right to you!

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