OnStar Announces Automatic Location Identification

GM's OnStarEvery Corvette that's produced comes equipped with OnStar, all with 1 year of service free.   We've often discussed the many benefits of Onstar, but every year something comes out that makes it even better. 

The greatest benefit of OnStar is having this satellite system automatically track, notify, and direct emergency services to the site of an accident. You don't realize how valuable this is until you need it, and especially if you can't reach a phone or are seriously injured.  As good as it is now, recent improvements have been made to OnStar’s accident approach.

The sequential bullet points below will help identify OnStar’s recent changes.

The old OnStar:

  • Accident
  • OnStar Notified via Satellite
  • OnStar Report Detailed Description to Nearby Emergency Services

The new OnStar:

  • Accident
  • OnStar Automatically Send Longitudinal/Latitudinal Coordinates to 911 Center

So you can see, one step has been removed from the process and better coordinates have been created. OnStar’s newest addition of the Automatic Location Identification (ALI) system will allocate direct coordinates to available help with nearly ZERO chance for error.

You can visit OnStar.com for more information or to upgrade or purchase your subscription.

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