Another Hertz Corvette Crashes into 8 other Cars

Hertz Corvette CrashOnly 500 Corvette ZHZ were ever made for the Hertz car rental company. Now the fleet is down one more after a Corvette rental driver sped out of control within a Philadelphia neighborhood, hitting 8 parked cars along the street curve. The crash occurred Wednesday, April 8th just before 4:00am.

And who might this genius driver be? Well, we don’t know. That individual had already fled the scene before neighbors, police and paramedics even arrived. Injury from the crash must have occurred after blood was found on the driver-side’s airbag.

This is the third Corvette ZHZ from the Hertz fleet to be totaled within an accident. Hopefully the third, and last!  Click here to see our previous coverage of a similar event.  Also, check out the video after the jump.

[ VetteTube ] via [ CorvetteBlogger ]

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2 Responses to Another Hertz Corvette Crashes into 8 other Cars

  1. EddyA says:

    Argh! Old news! LOL. Thanks for sharing, though.

  2. I wonder how the Corvette would perform in the Euro NCAP?

    Anyway, please visit and check, for example, my BBC link.

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