Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

As always, we at CorvetteBlog have the latest constraint information straight from General Motors.

  • 2010 Corvettes:  Th only constraint to report for ordering is the 70U Torch Red option.  It is a new color introduction and they are ramping it up.  Only 10% of available orders this week will be able to order Torch Red.
  • 2010 Corvette Z06:  There is the same constraint to report.  70U Torch Red is being ramped up, only 10% of orders available nationally to choose Torch Red.
  • 2010 Corvette ZR1:  There are 3 color constraints to report.  First, the same 70U Torch Red constraint of only 15% nationally available, and then both 10U Artic White and 89U Crystal Red are both new to the ZR1 and are being ramped up.  Both colors have only 4% of orders available to place.
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