Corvette C6 Fuel Economy Test

Owning a vehicle with a V8 engine means heavy fuel costs, right?

Well, Popular Mechanics proved this false after testing a Corvette C6’s fuel economy, and discovering Corvettes “most amazing talent… its astonishing fuel economy”.

The Test Environment

  • Vehicle:  Corvette C6 standard six-speed manual transmission
  • Route:  140 miles, roundtrip along California’s US Route 101
  • Speed:  55 mph (10 under)
  • Fuel Type:  18-gallon tank with 91 octane gas
  • Additional:  Cruise control used, no A/C, windows up

The Results

  • Avg. speed:  52.8 mph
  • Avg. mpg:  32.8 mpg!!!!!!!!

WOW!! To measure 32.8 mpg on the highway is close to what a 2008 Ford Focus clocks. Pretty spectacular for a super car like Corvette to get similar results!

Now you can feel confident driving an American-made hot ride while also saving on fuel costs. Sign us up!

[ Popular Mechanics ]

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3 Responses to Corvette C6 Fuel Economy Test

  1. Jim says:

    Honestly, 52 mph, c’mon, no one drives 52 mph and in a Corvette, really, the test is garbage. And do Corvette drivers drive around town with their windows up, with no AC in the summer in southern California? They did for this test apprently and of course that wasn’t real world either. This is another case of someone grabbing facts or fixing a test environment for shock value and then the result is that those facts will never come to fruition when driving in real traffic or on the highway (52 mph, REALLY)at real highway speeds. American supercar maybe, fuel efficient not even close and the interior of Corvettes is garbage (that has nothing to do with this page, just like corvettes don’t have anything to do with 52 mph on the highway).

  2. Mike says:

    Its a toss up between the 2011 C7 that should see 35 highway MPG and a V6 LT2 Camaro that should reach 30 MPG highway.

  3. Jeremy says:

    How about a more realistic test. (not hard to do)

    70 mph, windows up, A/C on.

    or 55 mph, windows down, A/C off.

    I bet the vette would do near as well at 70, being so aerodynamic and all.

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