Corvette Plant Gets Bronze Honor for Quality

Bowling Green Assembly PlantJ.D. Power & Associates recently conducted an Initial Quality Study, focused on the quality of all vehicles produced for the U.S. market. Reports concluded that the big three have improved their vehicle quality by 10% since last year.

In fact, the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant received its very own Bronze Award honors for its quality inspection. The assembly plant ranked 5th place internationally for overall vehicle quality! This Corvette and Cadillac XLR plant only averaged 43 vehicle issues out of every 100 vehicles produced (or a rating of 43 PP100). The industry average for initial quality problems was 108 per 100 vehicles produced.

Though 43 faults may seem quite high, this score was only surpassed by THREE plants, which included:

  • Toyota’s Japanese plant (29 PP100)
  • Honda’s Ohio plant (41 PP100)
  • GM’s Ontario plant (42 PP100)
  • Ford’s Kentucky Truck plant (43 PP100) and
  • GM’s Bowling Green plant (43 PP100)

“High quality generally translates into reduced re-engineering costs and lower warranty expenses during a vehicle’s life cycle. High quality also enhances an automaker’s reputation for reliability, which is a critical purchase consideration for many consumers,” says David Sargent, J.D. Power and Associates’ vice president of automotive research.

Corvette proves, once again, to be the ultimate pure-American quality super car!

[ The Auto Channel ]

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