We’re Part of GM’s Future

GM Re:InventionWell, we all knew it was coming and the shoe dropped yesterday with GM declaring Bankruptcy.  We can debate back and forth as to the merits of that or what led the company to be in the position it is in today, or we can chose to look forward.  Pardon us for toting the 'company line' but we do, truly believe, that GM will be bigger and better yet once it gets through this process.

Throughout the entire process, we will keep you, our valued readers, informed of anything we hear from the dealer-side of things, and appreciate all of your comments and concern.  We are not shutting down, we did not receive any letter saying we were to close.

If you haven't seen GM's new media and marketing effort surrounding the bankruptcy filing, it really is worth sharing with you.  It is our impression that they are doing a nice job, within 24 hours after filing, in getting the word out - and it can only get better from here!

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  1. Dr. Ron says:

    Congratulations on staying open (I think!). If GM had closed the Bowling Green Factory, I was very seriously ready to sell my C5 Corvette and buy a Porsche Cayman. For now we all will wait and see. For me, the jury is out on GM, so to speak.

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