Celebrating Corvette’s History

We are always reminded it’s good to look back at Corvette history and remember how we got to where we are now.  We thought we’d share some brief facts and details with you to look back:

Concept: Fifty-eight years ago, a group of GM designers sat down together under the direction of lead designer and legend, Harley Earl. Their task… to design the first ever all-American two-seater sports car, famed after the British sports cars of that time.

Name: From there, the new American “dream car” was born. But, what about a name? A desire to compare the vehicle to the high-performing, powerful Corvette Navy warships of that era granted the car its new name. And so, the Corvette was born.

Logo: Corvette’s original logo of two crossed American flags was designed to unite and showcase patriotism in America. The logo has since been modified to two crossed checkered flags, since Corvette is known worldwide.

Production: Since production of the vehicle’s fiberglass body was new during the 1950’s era, the first 300 Corvettes were carefully hand-built on the assembly line. The Corvette’s color schemes were identical at first with Polo White bodies and red interiors.

Engine: And lastly, but most importantly, the engine was an inline six-cylinder engine that featured dual, side-draft carburetors. It wasn’t until 1955 that the small-block V8 engine was introduced that really transformed Corvette into a performance vehicle.

So now, with that bit of history, you can really appreciate the transformation to where Corvettes have landed today! Congratulations Corvette!

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