And You Thought The ZR1 was Hot….

Hennessey ZR700Hennessey Performance Engineering recently unveiled the next step up from the ZR1… the 2010 Hennessey ZR700.

To build the ZR700, HPE has taken the ZR1 and enhanced it to become lighter, faster and more powerful. Instead of 638 horsepower, the Z700 comes equipped with 705 dyno-tuned horsepower. The replacement of carbon fiber seats, carbon fiber and Michilin Pilot Cup Sport wheels were all modified to make the overall vehicle weigh less. Z-Aero carbon fiber splinter, canards and a rear spoiler were also added as aero enhancement additions to account for 300lbs. of downforce.

The real test comes later this year when HPE plans to travel to Germany with the ZR700 and complete the Nurburgring lap time in 7:26. Will the ZR1 really have a chance?

A minimum of 24 ZR700s will ever be produced. The cost… $207,150. (This price also includes a day’s worth of performance driving instruction on HPE’s very own Lonestar Motorsports Park.)

Can the ZR1 handle the ZR700? Does it even compare? What do you think?

[ Hennessey Performance ]

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