Introducing STS ZR7 Corvette

After the introduction of the ZR1, Rick Squires was provoked to turn his dream into a reality. He had always wanted to build a limited-edition STS Corvette. Now, more than ever, he had the motivation to build such a dependable, everyday ride while also dishing out stiff competition to the ZR1.

A car enthusiast himself, Rick Squires, founder and VP of research and development at STS, chose to produce a handful of these vehicles in order to entice potential customers away from the almighty ZR1.

And so the ZR7 was born.

This name was not only chosen as a close replication to the competition, but also to symbolize the vehicle’s features. ‘Z’ for the history of high-performance GM vehicles, ‘R’ for the racing suspension and power delivery, ‘7’ for the vehicle’s 700+ horsepower status.

Fortunately for Squire and his hardworking team, production of the ZR7 squeezed right in hours before the 2008 SEMA, where the vehicle was formally introduced. "The body was designed and fabricated, finished and painted in six days," Squires explains. “The turbo system, suspension, brakes, radiator, and so on were all finished in an 18-hour blitz at STS Turbo."

Click below to read more about the long production period and the multiple changes made to the interior and exterior of Squires’ ZR7.

Do you think the STS ZR7 has a chance when compared to the ZR1?

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  1. Gerald says:

    I really think the ZR7 does have a chance over the ZR1. The fact that they put this thing together so fast is amazing.

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