Corvettes Visit Yuma Test Track

Yuma Proving GroundsGeneral Motor’s new test track, located in Yuma, Arizona, held its grand opening on Wednesday, July 22. To celebrate, the Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts car club brought an array of Corvettes to initiate the track’s grand opening.

"We heard about the grand opening and suggested we get our Corvettes out to the event to support GM and its employees," said Thomas Counts, AZ Corvette enthusiast.

The Yuma track itself was originally built to replace GM’s 50-year-old track in Mesa. The $100 million new track was constructed within the Yuma Proving Ground and occupies 2,400 acres of land. Fortunately, the track opened just in time for the busy season in hot weather testing.

So now, the next time you’re in Arizona, be sure to visit the new Yuma track. I’m sure it’s worth the ride!

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  1. DAVID says:

    i have a 1954 corvette c1 hoe do i get history on the vin number E54S003432

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