New Patrol Unit on Interstate 40… a Z06?

Raleigh’s Wake County Sheriff Department just added another fleet car to its lineup… a Corvette Z06. Yes, you read it right! Deputies driving the Corvette Z06 will focus their attention to the Interstate 40, targeting vehicles suspected of possessing illegal drugs.

Consequently, the re-purposed deputy vehicle was seized from a cocaine dealer this past December. Now, the vehicle will help to put an end to drug trafficking on the Interstate. “We’re going to get a lot of drugs off the road,” said Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Though the vehicle was seized free of charge, the department equipped the Z06 with nearly $9,000 in lights, siren, radar, radio and a laptop computer. According to Harrison, the vehicle “drives great” with only 11,792 miles on the odometer.

The Sheriff’s Department plans to utilize the Z06 as long as it proves to be useful. The department plans to then sell the vehicle after that point, and give proceeds to the Wake County Public School System.

What do you think of this new re-purposed Z06 patrol unit? Do you think the Raleigh Sheriff’s Department is being resourceful or just plain foolish?

[ The Times News ]

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2 Responses to New Patrol Unit on Interstate 40… a Z06?

  1. Mirak says:

    I think anybody with a lead foot should think twice of pushing the throttle when they see this thing roll up behind them. That is a nice looking police car.

  2. Paul says:

    I love the idea. I bet it will slow some lead-foots down, too.

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