Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

As always, we at CorvetteBlog have the latest constraint information straight from General Motors.  There are no allocated Corvettes for dealers this week – so no orders will be placed.

  • 2010 Corvettes:  The first is option 70U the Torch Red exterior color option.  It is a new color introduction and they are ramping it up.  Only 25% of available orders will be able to order Torch Red.  The Z15 Grand Sport Heritage Package is constrained with no available orders, greater than 4 weeks until the rollout.  Also, on Grand Sport orders (both coupe or convertible), 89U Crystal Red Tintcoat is not yet available to order, but only on those models.
  • 2010 Corvette Z06:  There is only 1 constraint to report.  70U Torch Red is being ramped up, again, only 25% of orders available nationally to choose Torch Red.
  • 2010 Corvette ZR1:  There are 2 color constraints to report.  70U Torch Red constraint of only 25% nationally available, and 89U Crystal Red is new to the ZR1 and are being ramped up.  Crystal Red has no available orders to place this week.
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2 Responses to Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

  1. Jerry says:

    Attended Corvette Museum 15th Anniv event last week. Personally talked to GM Bowling Green,KY Plant General Manager AND Paint Manager. They both said they know of NO constraints on Torch Red and they are painting it when it is ordered. We were specifically inquiring about Grand Sport. Saw the seat for the GS. They built 5 one week and 15 the next week with the new seats and said it would be ready to release constraint on Heritage Package sometime this week or next week. Sure was nice to talk to those making the car. They were amused at what sometimes is being said on internet that is not always the right information. Also asked about allocations and they said they only wish they had so many cars being sold that allocation was a worry.

    Just FYI for those interested.

  2. Ryan Esler says:

    Thank you so much for your comments and insight after speaking with staff at the Plant, Jerry.

    Our philosophy at CorvetteBlog has always been that we report exactly what we know, published by GM. By their accounts and reports, what we reported is accurate. Now I’ve certainly seen in the past where the report has said “delayed for 4 weeks” and the next week it was available to order in some supply. We love getting inside information and when we have that, we pass it along.

    In this case, what was said on our sight was the right information, it was their published information. So while on other sites they may publish inaccurate or rumored information, we try to do what we can to let you, the consumer know, what we as the dealers have been told.

    Thanks for your readership!

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