Geiger Modifies the ZR1

Geiger Cars, a German tuning company specializing in modifying American cars and trucks, recently got their hands on the Corvette ZR1. Not only did they transform its name to “Geiger GTS”, but added a host of amenities that increased the vehicle’s performance, speed, appearance and power.

Geiger started by upgrading the vehicle’s interior powerhouse. After adding an additional 63 horsepower, the vehicle is able to output an overwhelming 710 horsepower! Torque increased from 607 to 677 ft-lbs. These minor bumps in numbers allow this GTS to reach 100 km/h at 3.6 seconds, registering at top speeds of 212.5 mph.

The exterior has also undergone a dramatic change. With so much power, the wheels have been replaced with racing wheels, measuring 10” x 19” fronts and 12” x 20” rears. New body panels, custom nose/tail parts and side sill extensions are all incorporated underneath three coats of mother of pearl white paint. The black detailed paint and wheels really make this vehicle’s look pop.

Nice work, Geiger Cars!

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