LS1 Price Reductions Announced

LS1 EngineGM has just announced that they have lowered the dealer cost on the LS1 Engine.  Because dealers price the engines out in different ways, we won’t publish the finalized pricing, but can tell you that the prices have been reduced.

If you’re in the market for a new LS1 engine, wait until after October 1st and let’s see how the pricing changes.  That’s the date when the new price will be reflected.


  • GM Part 12455109 for 1997-1998 Corvettes
  • GM Part 89017548 for 2001-2004 Corvettes
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  1. Victor Ruiz says:

    Hello everybody. I just bought brand new ls1 block that I plan on building up. When I opened up the crate I saw that the block had damage on one of it corners as if it had been dropped or mistreated by the shipping company.Well my question, is it something that a machine shop can repair and should i be worried about it? (Size of damage 1/4 in. dent corner of where the intake and head goes. Suggestions? Thanks

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